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Day's 2 and 3 - kind of because I forgot to blog yesterday! lol in my defense, we were watching bad sci-fi LIVE in vancouver (as opposed to a decade later on australian cable so HAD TO BE DONE. Anyway...CLICKITY CLICKITY )
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So... First official day here in Vancouver and it is AWESOME.

cut for all the pics! )
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Let me preface this by saying that I have been awak for 32 hours straight so you are required to ignore all typos and randomness.

Currently curled up in Downtown Vancouver, Best Western about to attempt sleep. It was a long trip here starting in sydney (which was oddly in total disarray with a San Fran flight and our LA flight leaving at the same time and passengers not sure where to board - but we made up those two hours in the air so it only ended up being a 12 hour flight. Not bad. I paid extra for the exit row and TOTALLY WORTH IT. Heaps of leg room, comfy pillow and, unlike Argentina, THEY FED US. (Always helpful). I even got to watch a few movies but sadly I failed at sleeping ;(

Arrived at LA on time and to a perfectly clear day. The mountains there are epic and old (not to mention snow capped!) Indeed, as an Aussie, I'm still getting over this 'snow' thing that seems to be everywhere like WIN. Anyway, it was 26C there and I've lost count of the number of times I've presented my passport and been scrutinised. Seriously, I'm just transiting through - and they're all like. *GLARE* "what's your reason for being here?" me: "Holiday" them: *suspicious look* me:  *suddenly feels guilty for no reason*.

Anyway, eventually got through to the Alaskan Airline terminal thingy *omg how badly labelled is this place, seriously?* anyway, i had five hours and there was totally NOTHING to do and NOWHERE to sit. I just perched on the floor and went all *STARE* lol. Although there was a cool famous person on my flight - the guy who played Koyla on Atlantis. Also, a whole team of gorgeous soccer players which was kind of WIN even though I was at this stage far too blearly eyed to really notice them. SAD.

So, eventually I was borded - with a spare seat next to me AND on a window. MORE WIN. We flew out over that famous runway that nearly clips the beach and then did a giant U-turn and snaked our way through the snow covered *OOO SNOW* mountains.

I'm pretty sure that it was beautiful, sunny and clear until the border with CANADA and suddenly THE THICKEST CLOUD AND FOG EVER. So, I didn't really see Vancouver from the air, but put it this way, there were ice crystals forming on the inside of my window.

Landing though it wasn't raining and did not rain (remarkable). Cat came back to the airport to collect me, which was very lucky considering how unco I was by this stage. (the customs officer accused me of speaking 'canadian'. though I insisted it was a wonky australian accent - what the?)

We dumped our bags at the hotel and - put lots and lots and LOTS more clothes on because DAMN 7C is like, not weather I want to walk around in. COLD COLD COLD.

There is some epic ice hocky match on here and everyone was squished into the bars and restaurants all watching ENORMOUS screens and happily roudy. Thankfully Vancouver won - 4-3 lol. We found this gorgeous little restaurant-come-bar down near the water (which, by the way looked really awesome and wintery with the cloud covering half the mountain and showing only the night run ski passes).

So - 'THE WINE ROOM' managed to sneak us in for dinner and damn it was good.

We had these little tuna tacos (think tiny asian style with rare tuna steak) to share first. Then they brought us complimentary shots of their signature drink - just because we were shiny and knew. (you can see them on the left) Our mains are Maple syrup Salmon with specially roasted potatos and grees grilled with some kind of pepper. I only ate about half of it but it was EPIC.

After that - they brought us out this specially made minature version of their signature dessert - apple tart with maple ice-cream and home made caramel. We should have photographed them but alas we were too busy eating them. They were tiny and adorable and goodness so good.

Of course by this stage we're starting to feel like we've become a tourist attracting because Canadians keep giving us things (you guys totally rock).

And, apart from wander home - that is our trip thus far. SLEEP NOW!


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